What´s Magic Eye??

The system consists on a projector with an halogen lamp or LED* that allows you, through different lenses, define any object or work of art with a beam of extraordinary accuracy and uniform light.

Is it an obtrusive system??

Magic Eye it is a lighting system which fosters and supports the architecture of the space, since only a 2 cm visor can be seen on the ceiling or wall where it has been installed. Its presence pass totally unnoticed.

What effect does Magic Eye have on an artwork??

Thanks to its maximum precision and quality focus, brings a significant value to the work illuminated with it. The system can be regulated in light intensity from 1% to 100% and with a color reproduction between 95% and 100%.

Is there any risk of deterioration of the artworks??

It does not produce any kind of deterioration in the work illuminated since there are no infrared or ultraviolet rays emissions.

Magic Eye

This lighting system has already been used by some of the best museums and galleries in the world as: Louvre, Prado Museum, Rodin Museum, Lazaro Galdiano Foundation, etc.

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